Lisa has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organised, and can be trusted to work independently on marketing campaigns. She is results driven and would often come to me with new ideas to increase website leads and improve customer satisfaction.

Jenae Johnston, Chief Operations Officer, ParkTrent Properties Group

One of Lisa's keys strengths is her creative talent and she produced some excellent company newsletters and promotional presentations. Lisa was a fantastic support to me and consistently delivered work and results that exceeded my expectations and what was required of her.

Libby Vernon, Brand Manager, Pacific Leisure Australia (Mizuno)

Loved working with Lisa and would highly recommend her. She was thorough in going through everything I was doing, and gave me manageable and usable tools and ways to improve. Without her help, I’d be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.

Michael De Main, CEO and Founder, The Wheel

Lisa always showed initiative, a great work ethic and delivered excellent results for our members during her time with the Pony Club Association of NSW. We could rely on her ability to think outside of the square, and her attention to details, to complete any project given to her.

Kerren Britton, Executive Officer, Pony Club Association of NSW