It was definitely not a date.

It was a business meeting. The male financial advisors took their clients to restaurants all the time. It was part of the subtle seduction. Wine and dine them, and get the contract signed.

Only Nora hadn’t issued the invitation, Zak had. And there wasn’t a contract that needed to be signed.

“Come to my restaurant,” he had said. “We’ve been meeting at your office for a month now; it’s time you saw where all those invoices are going.”

“Sure,” she had said, and put out her hand to shake his goodbye.

“Great!” he’d said, taking her hand in his. “It’s a date.”

He hadn’t meant a literate date, she’d told herself. It was just an expression, like going for coffee. It didn’t mean you were forbidden from ordering an alternative beverage.

Sitting in the restaurant now with a plate of steamy lasagne in front of her, Nora has an eerie feeling this was in fact a lunch date. She’d fretted about the house that morning over what to wear, and found herself only satisfied once in the matching black lace lingerie set she reserved for special occasions. Her usual work court heels would not do, and the six inch stilettos she’d purchased for her cousins wedding last year were the only shoes suitable to complete her figure hugging black shift dress.

Nora had never been on a date. Not a proper, official date anyway. But she imagined the obsession with what to wear was usually how a formal date began.

She had walked in to find the restaurant was still a construction zone, except for one table right in the middle of the room flooded with light and warmth from a large sky light. The table had been set with a crisp, sleek black linen table cloth with a vase full of red roses on top.

“Thought we’d start with lunch,” Zak had said and pulled out a chair and gestured for her to sit. He had then chosen to occupy the seat next to her rather than across.

Zak sits so close to Nora now she can almost feel his bare arm brush up against hers. It sends a nervous shiver up her arm and down her spine. She has never seen Zak wear anything other than a business suit. Today he wears casual ripped denim jeans teamed with a deep V white t-shirt. It accentuates his broad shoulders, muscular tanned biceps and ever so slight hairy chest. Zak’s usual gelled back hair falls in waves and his clean-shaven jaw is covered in stubble. She twitches in her chair and arches her back a little straighter.

He tells her the story of learning to cook lasagne at a small family owned restaurant in Naples. Zak always has a travel story to tell. It makes Nora feel quite envious of his free-spirited lifestyle. It makes her long to quit her job and jump on a plane.

“So tell me Leonora,” he begins, looking her straight in the eyes with a wary smile, “If this was Master Chef, what score would you give me out of ten?”

Her mother was the only person who still called her Leonora, she hated it. It made her feel like a 60-year-old house wife who spends all day cooking and cleaning for her husband. Yet she hadn’t cringed when Zak first called her that. There was something about his rough deep voice and the way he rolled the n that made her name sound almost sexy.

“Leonora,” he’d said shaking her hand the first day they met, “such a beautiful Italian name for a stunning young woman.”

She’d blushed for a week whenever she remembered it.

“Hmm,” she teases, pretending to debate really hard over her answer, “I’d say a seven.”

“Seven!” he yells in mock shock, “well that’s not very good is it. I’m just going to have to invite you back again and see if I can’t do better.”

Nora laughs. The idea of a return private visit to Zak’s new restaurant is a very pleasing one indeed.

“Would you like to come back again?” he asks, his tone more serious now. Zak stares at her for an answer. She feels his eyes penetrate the depths of her soul in search of the truth.

For a moment, Nora forgets she has a husband. For a moment, Nora is not the daughter of strict catholic parents who married her first and only boyfriend straight out of high school to escape the family home. For a moment, Nora is a regular 25-year-old woman on a date with a ruggedly handsome gentleman who compliments her, makes her laugh, and treats her like a lady.

“I’d like that very much,” she replies with a shy smile and holds his gaze.

Zak pushes his chair back, stands up and holds out his hand. Nora takes it willingly and steps around the table so they are standing face to face.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he whispers and leans down to give her a soft, slow kiss.

Zak’s kiss quickly becomes more urgent as he grabs her by the waist. With one swift motion he picks her up and places her down on top of the table, the plates crash to the floor. The sound startles Nora causing her to jump. Zak doesn’t flinch.

He cups her face in his strong hands and gazes into her eyes. Zak is looking for confirmation she wants this. Nora’s heart races, her breathing shallow. She feels an uncharacteristic itch down there and it needs scratching now.

Sensing her desire he spreads open Nora’s legs and drags her into him. She hears the seams of her dress rip as her underwear comes into contact with a stiff sideways bulge in his jeans. Zak’s tongue is in her mouth as his hands move up her back to yank down her zipper.

Nora grabs hold of his t-shirt and starts lifting it up, feeling his strong physique as she does. He breaks free and hastily takes the t-shirt off for her.

Zak pulls Nora off the table and drags her dress down to the floor, his fingers catching her underwear as he does. On his way up, he runs his hands yearningly over her smooth legs, her slender waist and finally her back as he unclips her bra. Zak gently squeezes her ample bosoms, her nipples become erect at his touch. Nora gasps with anticipation. He hauls off his shoes, jeans and underpants; his dick at full attention.

Zak flings Nora back onto the table and kisses her. She can feel his manhood pressing up against her moistening clitoris. He continues to kiss her as he pushes her down. Nora lies back ready. Zak stands, grabs her legs underneath the knees and slides himself into her.

Nora moans from the rousing sensation. Zak grunts as he thrusts Nora up and down, forward and back.

“My God, you’re so wet,” he breathes.

Nora has never felt such electrifying pleasure before. But Zak is too far away from her, she needs to feel him closer. Nora lunges herself upwards and pushes his chest back so he falls onto the chair.

Her forwardness catches Zak by surprise and he falls off balance for a moment and almost slips right out of her. The sensation thrills her and she shrieks with excitement. Nora slides her hands into his and pins them to the side. She straddles him up and down, in and out, so just the tip of his cock penetrates her.

Zak grunts a pleading sound for her to stop the tease. Nora is on the verge of climax but she’s not ready to stop, not yet. She thrusts forwards so he is fully inside her. Zak moans and throws his head back in pleasure. Nora releases her grip of his hands and he wraps them around her waist, holding her tight.

She runs her fingers through his thick wavy hair and curls her arms around his neck. She heaves and thrusts but can’t get enough of him.

“Come closer to me,” she begs. He tightens his grip around her body. Nora scratches and claws at his back, they both pant and moan. She is ready for the release now. They are both so close, she can feel it.

And then she does feel it, Zak comes inside her and her own tension eases. They breathe heavy, both hot and sweaty. Nora looks Zak in the eye and violently kisses him on the lips.

“Let’s do that again,” she breathes.

Zak laughs, a cheeky satisfied grin on his face. “Give a guy a minute,” he says.

Nora kisses him again and wonders how many more business meetings they will have.

I wrote the above in 2015 as an entry to a Cosmopolitan Magazine erotic fiction competition. It was around the same time as Fifty Shades of Grey hit the big screen. It was my first attempt at erotic and so far the only attempt. I didn’t win the competition, nor ever hear back from Cosmo. I had intended it to be an extract from an upcoming novel that’s still not finished. I figured Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to share it.

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