Hands up who hates exercise?

I feel you. I wish I was one of those people who gets pumped for sweating it out at the gym but I’m not. I exercise because I know it’s good for me. Because overall health and fitness is important. So how do you keep fit if you hate exercise?

In my experience, you have to find a workout that you actually enjoy to some extent. Something that doesn’t make you completely cringe at the thought of. It’s a mindset thing. Remind yourself it’s about health and wellbeing, and not about losing weight or gaining muscle. It’s 30 minutes of pain so you don’t get tired doing basic day to day activities like walking up a flight of stairs.

Find your why and exercise will become more bearable. Here’s what works for me.


We’ve all heard cardio exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease, right? As a sufferer of low iron, I find keeping my energy levels up to be super important. If I’ve been sitting on my ass for too long, I feel tired and lethargic and lack the energy to do just about everything. It’s important for me to move my body.


The easiest way to get started is with a regular walk. Whether it’s a stroll along the beach or an easy level bush walk, it’s a great way to get the body moving. Personally, I find walking does wonders for my digestive system. If I’m feeling a little bit constipated, I make the effort to go for a 30 to 40 minute walk and it helps get the bowels moving.

Aerobics Oz Style

For those under 40, this was an exercise tv show in the early 90s. Channel 10 aired it weekdays at 6am. As a teenager, I was naturally still asleep. But I recorded it for later, and then fast forwarded through the commercials. I recently discovered Aerobics Oz Style on 10play. I was so excited. Nobody does all school aerobics anymore. Give me leg curls, pivot turns, grapevines, and easy walks everyday of the week. The best bit, it’s only 20 minutes. Perfect for us lazy girls.

STRONG Nation™

This is for those ready to push themselves a little more to burn calories. It will definitely get the heart pumping. STRONG Nation™ is a mix of cardio, body combat and strength training without the weights. I personally love the body combat elements as I enjoy an upper cut and round house kick. The hour long classes look too intense for me, but you can find 20 or 30 minute variations on YouTube.


From a medical perspective, strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. For me, it’s all about my poor posture. If I haven’t done weights for over a week, I can feel my shoulders start to round over which causes neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. For me, strength training is more important than cardio. But it can be tough, so I always look for a total body workout rather than splitting legs, arms and abs across multiple days.

Jillian Michaels

My sister-in-law put me onto Jillian and I love it. Well, I love a selected number of her workouts as she is TOUGH. But it’s only 30 minutes. Now that I discovered Jillian, I’m never working out for an hour ever again. My favs are the 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30. It’s three minutes of weights, two minutes of cardio, one minute of abs; then repeat three times. But you don’t repeat the same thing three times – which I absolute hate and find completely boring. Jillian gives you three different sets of workouts to beat the boredom. What I also love is that the DVD has three to four different levels. So you’re not paying $30 for one working, you get multiple.


I stumbled upon POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube and it’s great! So many 20 to 40 minutes total body workouts to choose from. Many are without weights but I find light weights work best for me. My favourite workouts have been from trainers Autumn Calabrese and Raneir Pollard, so type them into your You Tube search.

FitOn App

I clicked on an ad for FitOn in Pinterest and I’m so glad that I did. There are sooo many workouts to choose from that you can complete at any time. The paid version also offers nutrition advice and recipes. What I particular like is that during the 30-60 second break between routines, the trainer shows you exactly what to expect next so you’re prepared. I’m a fan of Breann Mitchell.

So there you have, six easy to do exercises for lazy girls who hate to exercise. You may have noticed I didn’t include the gym. That’s because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered driving to a gym, lol. Plus, there’s the ongoing cost – who needs that. The above exercise can be completed anytime, anywhere. And remember, don’t exercise just to lose weight. Exercise for the health and wellbeing benefits.

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