Last Saturday, 1 August, was International Childfree Day. This had me thinking about all the times people have assumed I lead this easy-going lifestyle without a care in the world. I’ve often heard, “You’re so lucky.” Yes, I don’t have the stress that comes along with being a parent. But that doesn’t mean all the other stresses in life magically disappear.

So, I thought it was about time I cleared up this assumption once and for all. Being childfree does NOT mean my life is stress free. Here’s why:


I get that kids can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never worried about how I’m going to pay the mortgage this month.


Kids can be a headache, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never suffered from chronic headaches or other health issues.


Yeah it can be juggle, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily for me. I’m not getting promoted all the time, or winning these huge client deals.


I might not have my own family, but I still have a family. And things come up all the time that requires me to be there in support.

Never assume to know somebody else’s life. We each have our own stresses. They just look differently.

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